August 30, 2015

Honen-in Temple

Honen-in Temple

This is the only temple that can be toured for free all year round! We almost did not enter the temple because it looks like a private property and there were no other visitor except us. We asked the passersby if it was the Honen-in temple just to confirm if we were on the right area.

The temple was very serene and a great place to contemplate. Really. It was our last temple for that day and it was nice not to hear any noise.

Main gate and the two white sand bed (Biyaku-sadan).

The two mounds of sand are said to represent water that cleanses the mind and the body of the visitor. The gate was closed when we were there and we pass through a different route.

The main hall wasn't open during the time so we just roamed around. It houses the black Amida Buddha figure and is only open during the first week of April and November.

At the bridge going to the main hall.

Moss covered garden.

Gate at the entrance.

While touring around we passed by a cemetery which at first looks like an ordinary garden to me; it doesn't have that creepy atmosphere.

How to get there:

From Kawaramachi station of the Hankyu Line, take City bus 17 or 32 and get off at Ginkakuji-mae. It's a five minute walk from there.

From Kyoto Station, take City bus 5, 17 or 100.

Opening Hours and fees: 

Opening Hours: 07:00H to 16:00H

Fees: None

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