April 7, 2015

Kura Sushi: 100 Yen Sushi (Photo Gallery)

I just came back from my 4-day vacation where 2 days of it was spent on the bus. For starters, travel time from Manila to Tuguegarao is 12 hours and when you ride the Victory Liner, it becomes 14 hours (minimum). It was so long that my butt almost flattened out.

Anyway, since I'm kinda hungry right now my post would be about food and also I want you to feel the same way. Haha! Lucky those who are just within the metro where fastfoods are just a step away and those who have someone who do the cooking for them. On my part, I don't cook (anymore) and there are no decent eating house near me. The nearest is a videoke bar.

So I thought of posting my sushi experience. I rarely take photos of my food and post them on facebook or instagram when I'm eating outside. I love to eat and once the food arrives at my table I want to dig in immediately. But this time I took some photos so I can post it online and make other people jealous. Nah! Kidding. I wanted to share my experience on how fun and exciting eating sushi on a conveyor belt and how hard it is to resist. My salivary glands had multiple orgasms that I started to drool. Kidding, again.

Also the sushi is a bit inexpensive: 100 Yen per plate.

We dined at the Kura Sushi in Umeda area near the Hotel Hankyu International. 

It was cold outside and I had a hard time taking pics of the restaurant.

This was our table. 

There's an English guide on how to order but Japanese english is a bit tricky. Part of the experience on eating here is discovering how to use the touch screen and ordering sushi. So I won't give you any tip, you'll do just fine especially when you're hungry. My only tip is, try all the sushi. If you can.

Note: I don't remember the names of the sushi. I just get anything that looks delicious. 

Amazing, right? This is where you order.

Unlimited tea, for free. 

Grilled shrimp. Compared to others, this is tasty.

Tuna I guess.


I think it's a clam. 

I don't know what this is but its very soft and it melted on my mouth. 

Told you, I love to eat.

I have been to two different sushi house while I was in Japan and both where great. I don't remember the other sushi house's name but it is in Namba and the chef prepares the sushi in front of you. I think it's Daiki-suisan (Kaitensushi).

My sushi experience proved the simple is beautiful. Just look at those damn sushi. And delicious. I hope you had a great time drooling. Here's a coffee. :)

Goodnight! - donna