October 18, 2015

Kawasan Falls: Are You Open Minded?

Kawasan Falls: Are you open minded?

Our tour guide, who we met in Oslob just after our whale shark encounter, told us that Kawasan Falls is somehow overrated and that the locals think of it as an opportunity to make money and they are abusing it.

I told him that from what I read, the locals who are guiding the raft in Kawasan Falls tend to ask fees that are somehow questionable. Then he added:

“The last time I brought tourists there they were asked to pay for 3000 pesos which is for the rent of the raft and the guide. They were so furious and went to the barangay captain to settle the payment but nothing was done. Yes, the falls may be stunning but we have lots of them here in South Cebu.” 

I don’t know why but I disposed his warning immediately. I told him we just want to see the falls and we’re not going to rent a raft because there's no need to.

Riding on his motorbike, we, together with Alex, traveled from Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls. It was my longest ride using a motorbike.  Yet I’m still excited to see and experience firsthand the famous Kawasan Falls. He kept on telling us that if someone approaches us and offers to be our guide we have to tell him we’ve been there before and to say no nicely. 

We did exactly what he told us. When we got to the entrance of Kawasan, a number of locals swarmed around us and tried to lure us to hire one of them. They were so persistent. I wonder why they think of tourists as ATMs. Aliping sagigilid lang naman ako. Once they left us, we walked along the path going the falls. It was easy breezy! It's just disappointing that the surroundings smelled like soap and shampoo and there were trashes littered around. We paid for an environmental fee but it seems like the fees they collected stayed in their pocket or whatever. Nonetheless, we were still eager to see the falls.

Unlike the other falls we went to this one has restaurants and tables scattered near its basin which are pain in the eyes. Apart from that, they occupy almost 99% of the space near the falls which made us more frustrated. It’s like we can’t stay there unless we rent for a table. Can we not enjoy the falls as it is? Do we need to pay for everything? These people are too much; they do the all money-making scheme that you could think of. Kalokohan, punyeta! Sa inyo na yang turquoise colored waterfalls niyo. They’re like a networking scam that would offer you something really nice but will force you to pay more.

Out of disappointment we immediately left Kawasan and looked for a place to eat.

How to get there: Don’t go there. If you’re adventurous, try Canyoneering in Alegria. Our guide told us that it’s the best thing to try in Cebu (besides lechon of course). :D

I have nothing against the Kawasan Falls, it’s the people who maintain it that I’m annoyed to. 

goodnight - donna


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  2. Hi, I think this issue should be elevated to the proper Authority (DENR and LGU) so they could make the necessary action to correct this. Nature took a lot of time to perfect such magnificent creation, but mankind can ruin it in just a snap of a finger, and once it's ruined, it will be never be the same again, no matter how hard we try..

    1. Yes I agree with you. I hope they'll look into this issue.