November 2, 2015

I Don’t Usually Hike, But When I Do It’s The Highest in Cebu

I Don’t Usually Hike, But When I Do It’s The Highest in Cebu

Osmeña Peak

Welcome to Osmeña Peak – the most famous peak in Cebu, with exquisitely stunning view of pointed hills and of Cebu surrounded by the Cebu strait on the east, and yet not as challenging.

Osmeña Peak is just a 30-minute trek which is perfect for me and Alex because we don’t climb a lot. Reaching the summit might not be as tough as the other mountains but getting to the jump off point is a challenge.

We drove to the base via Kuya Loloy’s motorbike (he’s the tour guide I mentioned on Chasing Waterfalls with a Motorbike) and the unpaved and steep road going to the jump-off was the challenging part, we almost had an accident. We fell off from the motorbike after he loses control midway of the steep road. At least we only got minor bruises. 

Worth the minor bruises. 

Just awesome. 

That's how easy the trek is; I was only wearing slippers.

How to get there:

If you're already in Cebu:

-Hire a guide/driver (so someone could hold your things for you). Here’s our guide’s number (09254805221).

-Meet the guide/driver in Dalaguete (pronounced as Dalagit) town proper.  How to get to Dalaguete? Take a bus at South Bus Terminal bound for Oslob. Tell the bus driver you’re getting off at the town proper of Dalaguete . Or you could just ask Kuya Loloy, he'll call you. :D

There is no entrance fee at Osmeña Peak; you just have to sign at their log book.

Bring a bottle of water (around 1 L). 

You could trek Osmeña Peak and chase waterfalls in one day. Just ask Kuya Loloy. :)

goodnight - donna