July 30, 2016

Cebu-Bohol Travel Guide

Cebu-Bohol Travel Guide

Cebu and Bohol are two of the most visited provinces in the country by local and foreign tourists. I love Cebu for its beaches, waterfalls, Butanding and lechon. God, I love their lechon! As for Bohol, I love its marine life.

How To Get There

Lapu-Lapu International Airport is the gateway to Cebu.  Cebu Pacific and PAL fly daily to Cebu from Manila.  On the other hand, Bohol can be reached via boat from Cebu with two hours travel time.

Visit this link for ferry schedule from Cebu to Bohol. 

Where to Stay

There are a number of hotels/hostels in Cebu. No need for fancy hotels, you will be sleeping the moment you arrive at your hotel because there are many activities to do in the area.

*We stayed at Capitol Central Hotel and Suites in Cebu and Matig-A Seaside Pensione in Bohol. Matig-A is just a walking distance from downtown of Tagbilaran City.

What To Do

South Cebu

We only managed to visit Cebu City and South Cebu.

- Swim with whale sharks in Oslob.

- Trek the highest peak in Cebu - Osmena Peak.

Visit the Heritage Park in Oslob.


Bohol has a very established tourism industry. We purchased a tour package for the countryside tour and ocean adventure from Angelbert Tours.

- Bohol Chocolate Hills (not chocolatey anymore)

- Balicasag marine life. 


Day 1:
- Arrive at Mactan International Airport
- Eat lunch at Manna STK Foodhouse
- Visit Mactan Shrine ( there’s nothing exceptional to see here)
- Ride taxi to Cebu City
- Hotel check in
- Dinner

Expenses (2pax):
Taxi to Mactan Shrine: Php135 (walking distance to Manna Foodhouse)
Lunch at Manna STK: Php620
Taxi to Cebu City: Php330

Day 2:

- Depart for Oslob at 5 am via Ceres Bus (South Bus Terminal)
- Drop off at Brgy. Tan-awan
- Whale Shark Watching
- Breakfast
- Ride habal-habal to Aguinid Falls. Trek and swim.
- Lunch
- Ride habal-habal to Tumalog Falls. Swim.
- Ride habal-habal to Heritage Area.
- Ride bus back to City.
- Dinner at Zubochon (because lechon).

Expenses (2pax):
Taxi to South bus terminal: Php90
Bus to Oslob: Php310
Whale Shark Watching: Php1200
Tourguide with transpo in Aguinid/Tumalog/Heritage: Php900
Tip at Aguinid Falls: Php200
Lunch: Php114
Bus to Cebu City: Php310
Dinner at Zubochon: Php490

Day 3:

- Depart for Dalaguete at 6 am via bus (South Bus Terminal)
- Drop off at Dalaguete Town Proper
- From town proper, ride habal-habal to jump-off of Osmena Peak.
- Trek. Pak na pak ang scene sa taas!
- Ride habal-habal to Kawasan Falls (Skip this.)
- Ride habal-habal to Mainit Spring and Montaneza Falls. Magpainit ka muna dito.
- Ride habal-habal to Inambakan Falls. Rest and swim.
- Ride habal-habal to Hidden Falls/Haden Falls(nakatago talaga sya).
- Ride bus back to City.
- Dinner at Buddies.

Expenses (2pax):
Taxi to South bus terminal: Php73
Bus to Dalaguete: Php210
Tourguide with transpo: Php2000
Entrance to Kawasan Falls: Php60
Entrance to Mainit Spring: Php40
Entrance to Inambakan Falls: Php40
Entrance to Hidden Falls: Php50
Bus to Cebu City: Php262
Taxi to hotel: Php75
Dinner at Buddies: Php290

Day 4:

- City tour and rest day.
- Visit Fort San Pedro
- Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino/Sto. Nino Museum
- Magellan’s Cross
- Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
- Buy souvenirs at Shamrock.

Expenses (2pax):
Lunch at Zubochon: Php685
Taxi to Fort San Pedro: Php93
Entrance to Fort San Pedro: Php60
Entrance to Sto. Nino Mueseum: Php60
Shamrock: Php2000 (mine)

Day 5:

- Depart for Bohol, 5 am ferry trip
- Countryside Tour and Loboc River Cruise

Expenses (2pax):
Taxi to port: Php100
Countryside Tour and Loboc River Cruise: Php1800
Ferry (Oceanjet): Php1300
Souvenirs: Php500

Day 6:
Ocean Adventure (Dolphin watching at Pamilacan Seas, Snorkeling at Balicasag Island, Virgin Island sandbar)

Expenses (2pax):
Ocean Adventure Package: Php3500