November 2, 2014

Boracay: Nightlife, Beach and Foreigners

Window seat is always the best seat

Let me tell you a story first.
Back in the day there’s a very beautiful island with sand so white and fine and then the Homo sapiens came. The end.  

I apologize for the very short story. :) 

Well, I don’t know why I accepted my friend’s offer on going with them to Boracay. You see, I am one of those people who think that Boracay is overrated (even though I’ve never been there). I guess I was intrigued by everyone who’s going gaga over this island that they go back every summer. And the number of visitors is increasing every year.

I’ll share you some of the things that may give you an idea on what to expect and consider before coming to this island.

I have read that Boracay has a high level of coliforms on its sea water. Maybe the residents don’t know where to take a dump—whatever. So I brought some anti-allergy pills in case I get skin rashes and of course the essentials: safeguard and alcohol. Or you could just bring anything that has antibacterial properties.

i am not promoting

Let's start! 
First, going to Boracay would take you around three hours: an hour flight to Caticlan, 1.5-2 hours of van ride to Port and 5-minute boat ride from Port to the Island.

--Arrange your transpo (everything from the airport to the island) before your trip to Boracay; it’s easier to bargain and get a discount. 
Caticlan Airport to Tabon port: Php200 
Tabon port to island: Php100 (including environmental fee)
Cab from the port to the hotel: Php250 (around Php25-30/pax).

Next, don’t expect.

--When we arrived at the island I was surprised because I was almost right: it was uncomfortably crowded not just with people but with shops and establishments! 

--The island is divided into three stations. I have no idea on what happens on station 3 but for stations 1 and 2 everything’s lighted and alive at night. Hotels and restaurants are lined up along the shore and there seems to be no restaurant that doesn’t have poi dancers.

You’re not the only tourist.

--We went here on the month of June but there are still many tourists (a lot, really). Maybe consider visiting when it’s not peak season. I can’t imagine the scene during summer. Whew!

Foreigners. Foreigners everywhere.

--There’s no corner where you won’t run into a foreigner; they are scattered everywhere. Other Asians, Whites, Blacks, name it!

old man nailed it!

“Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…”

--Yes, the beach is nice with very fine white sand (which I appreciate) but in some areas you’ll bump into used diapers, empty plastic bottles and sachets. If the residents and the visitors could just manage their wastes properly, that would be nice. 

You can go to Puca beach if you prefer to swim on a quiet place; less litters too.

Puca beach

Observe the high tide and low tide.

--I've never seen a tide change that can be compared to that of the island. 

--If you’re planning to go to the Grotto go there very early or maybe after lunch. We went there around 10 in the morning and it was a struggle (to short people like me). We decided to walk on the shore and the water level rose above knee; we continued walking at the highway.

Finally, the grotto (during high tide)

Book a decent hotel.

--If you can book for a decent one, that’s better. We booked a budget hotel and the breakfast buffet tasted like crap. It's a good thing that they serve brewed coffee. Well, book a hotel that would offer you a good sound sleep and a nice breakfast.

This place never sleeps.

-- During the day, there are choices of activities you can do – snorkel, parasail, zorb, ATV and many more (or you can just swim at the beach if you’re on a very tight budget). If you’re making a list of activities reserve beforehand so you can negotiate for a lower price

Contact numbers that may help: Kuya Ricky (09086050308) or Kuya Mhon (09995864697)

Boracay is expensive! 


Island Hopping


If you want to be tossed inside a ball rolling downhill


I sucked at this because I don't know how to drive and it's so big. can't handle it

--By evening, everything’s lighted and alive. There are poi dancers and music everywhere. This is the best time to drink and be merry and drink.You can also relax at the shore but be prepared for occasional distractions from kids who beg for money. 

--Later in the evening you'll see scantily clad prostitutes wandering around.

Try parasailing.

-- This is the highlight of my visit. We felt like VIPs.

There were three crews at the boat with us: the boat driver, the crew who made sure we were securely strapped on the parachute and the last took our photos. The 2nd crew told us what/what not to do up in the air; what to do if we want our parachute to be higher or if we want to go down.

Then slowly we were being towed. Everything at the top looks so small. I was ecstatic. It’s not just the breathtaking view but the thought that I was up there with just a harness and a parachute and below me was the vast sea of Boracay. The island I thought of as a disaster looked beautiful from the top! I guess you have to look at the whole picture.

We stayed up in the air for 15 minutes and it was comfortably silent. It was so peaceful that I started reflecting on my life and my decisions. haha! But seriously, it's worth the Php1800.

If you’re going to visit Boracay, come in groups and plan your activities ahead and arrange everything so your stay will be hassle free. :)

I remember when we were at the shore one night and I was hugging myself because it’s cold and a couple was awkwardly looking at me. Please don't go here alone unless you're a guy looking for a beer. And a girl. Near the beach. Haha!

What else, Boracay is nice but I don’t think it’s a must-see place. 


September 6, 2014

Long Weekend in Sta. Ana


This is the second part of my entry Screwed till Rescued.

Even though I’m still hung over from what happened the night before I was very glad that finally we arrived home just that it’s 2 in the morning and my brother’s not answering his phone. So how can we walk to our house without waking up our neighbors’ dogs? It’s not that I’m afraid of dogs but what if they weren’t vaccinated.

Well my sister, King, told me to shut up, be calm and just walk because I was like “Shit! Those dogs bark in chorus.”

Anyhow after that horrifying experience, we got home safe and our brother just woke up. Good thing Auntie Maria knew that we will be home very early and she prepared food for us. This is one of the best things about going home: home-cooked foods.

We decided to sleep a little before going to Sta. Ana; the place where I, King and my cousins all grew up. Our family is a bit traditional and old fashioned; Semana Santa is about going home and spending time with your loved ones. I remember back then we have to we participate on the Stations of the Cross and Salubong (I was one of the angels man!). I also can’t forget my grandma’s superstition wherein she won’t allow us to laugh or be happy too much because it’s Semana Santa and then she’ll play this weird song on the cassette deck.

At 10 in the morning, we headed to Sta. Ana and arrived around 1:30 pm. Our mother was waiting for us there and she has this habit of preparing the foods we love even though she doesn’t eat such; she only eats vegetables and sea foods. Our lunch was sumptuous. :D

Our plan for the day was to visit the Nangaramoan beach and the next day we’ll visit our grandparents and then go back to Tuguegarao City. Kuya Den, our cousin, offered to bring us to Nangaramoan. Yey!

My brother. I know, I couldn't believe it either. 

Our niece, Denise. Oh, it rhymes. 

I'm not really sure what they were talking about.

Casambalangan Hi-way

Mountains on the right side

The sea on the other side, i love this place


St. Anthony of Padua Church, Sta. Ana

Of course we have to pass this one, haha! Thanks Kuya Den!

So happy? 

Heading to Nangaramoan :D

More ricefields

We there yet?

The last time I went here it was still rough road

10 000 visitors, yeah?

I hate how the previous visitors just leave their trashes here

A very weird sea creature

You just can't put the pringles down....