August 30, 2014

Screwed till Rescued


“We’re screwed.”

I looked at our bus ticket again and back to the stranger’s ticket thinking that somehow she was just mistaken and that maybe we’re actually on the right bus on the right date. But no! To my disappointment, our ticket was dated a month later and she’s right. She got the seats. I hated how the lady smirked as if she just won a battle; she was almost yelling at us even though we were trying to talk to her as calmly as we could.

It was around 1 am and the bus is about to go. By the way, this was the only operating bus line bound for our hometown. All their buses were fully booked; it would be Maundy Thursday the next day and we had to go home yearly during the Holy Week.

My sister, who made the reservation online, sent me a copy of our ticket details a few days before our trip. Perhaps she and I were too excited to even bother looking at the date. Damn, I paid for it. I paid for the reservation of three people with additional charges and, unfortunately, the date was wrong!!!

As we walked to the ticket reservation office, I was in deep thoughts trying to recall the date stated in the e-mail. I must admit I wasn’t even sure about it, but I still tried to convince the ticket lady that we reserved for April 17. I asked if she could prioritize us on the chance passengers’ queue though I was, at the same time, feeling sorry because I was, well, 50% lying!

“I told the lady on the phone that it’s April 17, 2014”, I heard my sister telling her. Damn the lady on the phone, she had ONE job!!!

Well not one staff really helped. I regretted feeling sorry for lying because they were not listening anyway and they didn’t care at all if we wouldn’t make it.

“Your ticket says May 17, end of discussion”, yeah, why would that concern them anyway? Ugh. That feeling of despair, it got on my nerves that this bus line was taking advantage of the situation: they were the only one on operation between the two major bus lines bound for Cagayan. The other, the pink and flowery, had been on suspension for six months.

On top of it all, their outbound trips were almost four hours late! If only they were a bit earlier, then we could have realized our mistake right away and could have been on our way home by then.

Nonetheless, there wasn’t much time figuring a way out, though. We were dog-tired and sleepy; however, we managed to hail a cab and asked the driver to bring us to another bus line heading for Cagayan. Sadly, he told us there were no more Cagayan-bound buses from this particular bus line. “Let’s just try” was what my sister uttered with a hint of hope. 

So there, we travelled from south to north of Metro Manila direly wishing there would be a bus to accommodate us. But then, all were fully booked. I didn’t know how I should feel about my sister’s honest mistake. I actually wanted to get mad but, fine, I rather conceded to how miserable she looked. Besides, I was really exhausted so I remained calm instead. Meanwhile, our orgmate, Trish, who was going on the trip with us was losing her temper towards her so, I got that going for me. :D

After the rough, gruelling night, we made it back to the apartment at around 4 in the morning. My sister was awfully bothered, that she almost didn’t get some sleep. At 7 in the morning, she, together with Trish, hurriedly went to BBL and, voila! Seats for us, at last! It’s our go-to bus line when we don’t have any other choice. “Take it or never make it”. LOL.

This time, my sister made sure that the date written in our tickets was correct.

As for BBL, yes, the bus line that rescued us from being screwed, their buses are, well, acceptable, but we almost flew our way home! It took us only nine to ten hours from Quezon City to Tuguegarao, and mind you, we had three stop overs! Trish even told me she could smell the tires burning. O_o


See, guys, when making a reservation online, always double check before you press SECURE CHECKOUT or CONFIRM!

Credits to VL

To be continued...

Goodnight! - donna

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