June 18, 2016

Random Thoughts About Travelling: Part 3

"Sometimes I hate my boobs when I travel."

There are no boobs here, you f**ktard. 

1) Having big boobs is sometimes a struggle. Have you experienced bumping someone at the airport or at the bus terminal and somehow his elbow touched one of your twins? I feel like I’m going to explode whenever this happens. “Pwedeng hwag kang dumikit sakin punyeta!” Whether you’re a friend or not please keep a distance from me when your elbow and my boobs are just of the same height or level. Dude, it does hurt you know, physically and emotionally.

My tip: Put a barricade on your twins by hugging yourself. Or you could use one of those metallic bras, if they do exist.

2) Sometimes, I’m so paranoid that the person sitting beside me on the bus or the plane is looking at them even though he’s not.

Tip: Always bring a big bag or a blanket and use it to cover your twins when you're uncomfortable.

3) It’s hard to use a sling bag. Using a sling bag will make your boobs more noticeable. It’s like holding a placard near your boobs with the words “Look at my boobs! Look at it! Looooook!”
Tip: Don’t use a sling bag.

4) Running is sometimes a struggle. It’s not that they’re heavy, they just bounce in all places and all directions.  Boobs be like “I’m fabulous! I’m fabulous!”
Tip: Same as number 1.

5) You will always look sexy on any kind of clothing especially those that are body fitting and V-necks.
Tip: Who cares! I like wearing V necks.


Mt. Daguldol (Mis)adventure

Mt. Daguldol (Mis)adventure

Meet King, my older sister who looks younger than me. 

My sister decided to climb because she’s turning 30...two years from now. As a very supportive younger sister I agreed to plan our climb. But she’s a bit annoying because she wanted a major climb and I don’t because I’m a pabebe climber- I don’t want to climb high and difficult-to-climb mountains. Before you start on me that it’s not that hard to climb 4/9 (and up) mountains I am telling you to stop. What works on you doesn’t really work on me. End of discussion. I just want to climb and be with nature and forget everything else. Even though I am not really sure on what I am trying to forget. Going back, since my sister didn’t really bother reading anything about Mt. Daguldol (672 MASL) I tried to read reviews and guides as much as I can and eventually came up with our own itinerary.

Syempre, sya ang bida. :D 

Since we were coming from Quezon City, we woke up at around 3 in the morning to catch the 4 am trip to San Juan, Batangas (via ALPS) at the Araneta Bus Terminal. Well, there were no buses bound for San Juan at the Araneta Bus Terminal (which is contrary to what the ALPS website claims). This is why I have trust issues. We asked the bus driver if there will be trips to San Juan and he just told us to ride their bus and they’ll drop us at Exit-I-can’t-remember where we can we ride a jeep to San Juan. So we took the bus that is bound for somewhere-i-am-not-familiar-with-as-long-as-i-get-to-be-in-batangas. Move on na lang tayo.

On the brighter side, the locals were very helpful to us giving us directions and what jeep to ride and so forth. We had three jeep rides before we reached Barangay Hugom and we arrived around 8 in the morning which is still early (I think). We registered and hired a guide who was somewhat old but has the strength of a horse. We started the trek right away after registering and my, I got tired easily. It's not really advisable to climb when you only had 2 hours of sleep and you're with an older sibling who keeps telling you "Ang bagal nyo naman."

Mt. Daguldol has a well established and relatively difficult trail. It rained the day before our climb so the trail was muddy and a bit challenging. 

Testing the chuck's limit.

The view isn’t as picturesque as compared to the other mountains I have climbed but it’s still a nice climb. We didn’t stay long at the peak and descended early because the weather wasn’t very cooperative. Well, it rained while we were descending! So we stopped and looked for a cover and ate chocolates until the rain stopped. This was my most "stressed out" climb just because rain.

At the summit.

I apologize because I can't help you with the itinerary. There are lots of them in the internet. Just have fun! :D