May 31, 2016

5 Types of People I Met in Japan

1) Fakes.

Just because Maikos (real or not?).

I'm not really sure if they were real or not but their very elaborate make up and fancy head dresses caught my attention.

2) The Japinos!

Filipino and Japanese in one. I met these three sisters who where my friend's friends. They were the nicest people I met in Japan. They toured us around the Namba and Umeda area and brought us to nice restaurants. They also taught us what to do and not to do while in Japan and some basic Japanese. And lastly, they taught us the right pronuciation of "Ki o tsukete". 

And they're amazing! Couldn't say anything better.

3) The creepy old man.

I met him at Osaka Castle. He didn't introduce his self; he just approached me and told me to go with him because he will share a story about the castle and the emperors that lived there. At the back of my mind, who is this guy? I went with him because he doesn't really look scary. At first he was speaking in English but then he started speaking Japanese and my, he walks too fast!!! Dude, I don't speak Jap and I just had an injury. 

4) The friendly old ladies.

Unlike #3, they're friendly not in a creepy way. They smile a lot and they're so cute (Coach Anzai of Slamdunk cute). We learned from them that the bus is usually late when it's 5 pm (we were in Ginkakuji area). Their english isn't that bad but sometimes they forget that I don't understand Japanese and they continue talking and I try  to pretend I understand them.
"Yeah, kamehame wave!"

I asked them if we can have a picture with them and they were hesitant at first but they give in due to my persistence. I just love old people like them; they looked so happy and adorable. :)

5) Burgis.

I thought they were the most boring and plain people in Japan. So I googled (because they look mysterious to me) "salary men japan" and I wasn't disappointed. Well, for starters they are very well dressed that you'll feel very poor when you sit beside them on trains. But when the night comes, they're just the same as you; drowning their selves with beer and be crazy.

Of course, the briefcase.


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