May 11, 2014

Smoke Free City (Day 3)

Day 3 (September 7, 2013)

Part 1
White Water Rafting

Our tour won’t be complete without the white water rafting (c/o Base Camp). Well the water wasn’t white; it was muddy brown.

We belonged to the morning batch (7 am – 2 pm) and the package included the transportation, lunch, documentation CD, gears, and guides. The put-in area (Tamugan bridge) is about 45 minutes away from the downtown area.

Credits to base camp
Credits to base camp
There was a short safety briefing before we went rafting (just in case you’re thrown from the raft because of the rapids which happened to me btw).

Credits to base camp
Credits to base camp
Credits to base camp
Credits to base camp
Credits to base camp
Credits to base camp
Credits to base camp
I did enjoy the rafting but not as much when I was in Cagayan de Oro. I guess rafting is better when you’re with people your age. I was with older people and they don’t really listen and follow the instruction which sucks because our raft overturned and I almost drowned. The rapids were so strong that my shorts almost got off from me. I then threw the paddle I was holding and saved myself.

Things to bring: pair of extra clothes, towel, sunblock, phone, money, water (1.5 L), zip locks

Package: P1500
Fare: P10 (going to Madrazo Cmpd.)
Water: P20 (1.5 L)

Total: P1,530

Part 2
Philippine Eagle Center

After the I-almost-got-drowned experience, we headed to Calinan (since we wanted to take a look at how big our national bird is). We then rode a pedicab going to the Philippine Eagle Centre which is about 10 minutes.

I didn’t bring my camera so the photos are a bit blurred (c/o android phone).

It was very cool at the park and there are lots of huge trees which makes the tour inside not tiring. It’s really fascinating watching the birds.

Davao experience won’t be complete without tasting the infamous durian. We ate durian just outside the park while waiting for our ride and it just costs P20.

How to get there:

Buses going to Calinan depart every 15 minutes from the Annil Terminal at the corner of Elpidio Quirino Avenue and San Pedro Extension. Bus fare is minimal and a 10-minute ride on pedicab (a local 3-wheeled bicycle transport popular in Davao City) is also readily available. (davaocitybybattad)


Philippine Eagle Centre Fee: P50
Fare: P40
Food: P20 (Durian)

Total: P110

Part 3
Aldevinco Shopping Centre

We went back to the downtown area around 4 pm to buy souvenirs at the Aldevinco Shopping Centre. It has over a hundred of shops inside that sell range of souvenirs from key chains and table cloths to genuine Mindanao product; the building is just in front of the Ateneo de Davao.


Fare: P40 (from Calinan to downtown area)
         P10 (back to the hotel)
Souvenirs: P900

Total: P950

Part 4
Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

Before going back to the hotel, I dropped by the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple.  It's just a walking distance from the hotel. This was my first time to enter a buddhist temple. I left my slippers outside the temple and the temple's security guard toured me around. He told me a lot of things about Davao like how disciplined its people (this city is listed as the 4th safest in the world) and how they respected their mayor.

Day 4 (Rest day)

Our flight to Clark is at 3 pm so we took our time sleeping and resting. Thanks Air Asia for the fast and safe trip. We arrived at Clark 30 minutes earlier.

Total Budget (Day 3): P2, 590

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