July 24, 2015

Ninna-ji: Old Imperial Palace

Ninna-ji: Old Imperial Palace

Ninna-ji temple is one of my favorite temples in Kyoto; very peaceful and not crowded at all as compared to other well-known temples.There were only a couple of visitors when we went here so we took our time wandering around, staring at stunningly painted walls and appreciating the beautiful gardens.

Nio-mon Gate

The moment we got down from the bus we were wondering if we were in the right place because there weren't a lot of people and some of them just passed by and did not enter the temple. Good thing there was google and when we saw Nio-mon gate we know we were in the right path. 


Shinden's North Garden

Shinden's South Garden


Five-Storied Pagoda


The temple was registered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List as one of the Historic Monuments of ancient Kyoto in 1994.

How to get there: 

From Hankyu Saiin Station, take City Bus 26 and get off at Omuro Ninna-ji. The bus stops right in front of the temple.

Opening Hours and Fees:

Opening Hours: 0900H-1700H (until 1630H from December to February)
Fee: 500 Yen (Goten Palace buildings)

Website: Ninna-ji Temple

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